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01. Expertise

We have dedicated our activities to China. This specialization guarantees a real knowledge of this country and its challenges. The management team and the associated consultants are fluent in Chinese and thus rely on first-hand information to produce their analyses.

02. Rigour

Our data collection and analysis work is always carried out with the utmost rigour and our information is sourced, reliable and accurate. Our reports are adjusted to the needs expressed by our clients and can be used directly by the top management.

03. Confidentiality and impartiality

The issues we deal with are often strategic and sensitive. We therefore guarantee the confidentiality of all exchanges from the very first contact. We are based in France and can therefore best serve our clients’ interests.

artificial intelligence, Big data


Today, big data and artificial intelligence are deeply transforming the strategic intelligence and consulting sector.

Thanks to the support of a dedicated funding (Bourse French Tech), Octobot is conducting an ambitious R&D programme and developing innovative tools such as Octocheck, a database and risk analysis in English on more than 3 million Chinese companies.


Media coverage

Interview of Octobot CEO on BFM Business (main business TV Channel in France)

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