Bulk data on Chinese companies

You need data on Chinese companies at scale ? You can purchase dataset with us to enrich your product, conduct market studies or set up marketing campaigns.

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Our data

Data at scale

We have multiple data points on more than 5 million companies in Hong Kong an mainland China.

High quality

We only include active companies, avoid any duplicate and make sure that the information we sell is up to date.

Industry categories

All the companies in our dataset can be sorted by industry categories (Chinese standards)for market segmentation. . 

71,000+ products and services

We developped our own system with more than 71,000 products and services tags used to classify the companies.

Data attributes

Use cases

Marketing campaign

With our contact data you can  set up your marketing campaing in China either phy phone or by email. The quality of our data allow you to do very precise market segmenation to reach and convert high quality prospect. 

Market study 

You want to do a market study on quantitative approach. You can get precious insights to know the size of a specific sector in China by knowing how many company there is and there respective turnover and employee count. 

Integrate our data in your product

You want to make your platform trully global and use reliable information on China ? You can integrate some of our data to your services.

We sell our data with two different license types depending on how the data is going to be used (internal or external distribution).